Elk on the Move

“Winter Wildlife Update” Elk are on the move out of the National Elk Refuge’s nearly 25,000 acres which sits between the town of Jackson and Grand Teton National Park. There were about 8,400 elk on the refuge this winter, a very high number. Also atypical was a large herd very close to the fence in town. Early this past winter we also saw about 200 bison near the town fence. Refuge personnel were forced to haze them north because of fears they might come into town. As mentioned before, we saw alot of moose in town this year. The large number of animals in the southern refuge attracted 6 wolves. They killed a few elk then disappeared, perhaps back to their home turf believed to be up in the Gros Ventre Canyon east of the park. The total moose count for the region was comparable with recent years numbers. Bears are waking, I’ll keep you posted on their activity.